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    Labor and Employment

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    "The team provides a unique ability to deliver clients the best of solutions."

    Chambers, 2023 Edition

    "Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co.’s labour and employment team ‘can be summed up in one word – superb’. The department handles complex pre-litigation proceedings, disputes and non-contentious sensitive labour matters".

    Legal 500, 2022 Edition

    Our firm’s Labor law department provides comprehensive legal advice on all aspects of Labor law. Our services take into account the most up-to-date case law rulings and legislative changes, with specific attention to tailoring our services and legal counseling to the business, commercial and organizational needs of each client.

    Our clients enjoy quick, efficient and matter-of-fact service, without compromising the highest level of professionalism at which we work. Our counseling rests on the strong foundations our extensive knowledge and acquaintance with the fields of employment / labor law, as well as on our vast experience and unique and creative skills.

    Above and beyond the mere legal counseling in these fields, the department is first and foremost its clients strategic partner in their management of their human resources. The partners and attorneys of our Labor law department provide an all-encompassing and complete envelope of services designed to meet the diverse range of topics being handled.

    As part of our work process, we take special care in anticipating potential legal exposures and risks before they materialize. Often, our work process will include creating and implementing tailor-made human resources management and regulatory plans.

    Alongside the foregoing, our department also provides suited and complete crisis management solutions for both, private and collective employment situations.

    The services we offer combine in-depth understanding of commercial issues alongside the highest level of expertise in the field, and the department operates in fully synergy and cooperation with the other departments in the firm, enabling it to provide quality, up-to-date and holistic services on a range of complex legal issues.

    Amongst the department’s clients, one can easily spot leading players in the Israeli market, including multi-national corporations that carry out prominent activities in Israel, in diverse sectors (construction, hi-tech, technology, communications, insurance, pharmaceutical, transportation and aviation, automobiles, traditional and new industries, energy and fuels, research, education and more).

    The department takes great pride in its clientele, and is happy and grateful with the steady growth in its clientele. Every year new and leading clients join our clientele, and at the same time we build and preserve our long-term relationship with our existing clients.

    The department is rated as a leading department in all the significant international and local ratings: Legal 500, Chambers & Partners, IFLR 100, BDI and DUNS100.

    Our comprehensive services include, among others:

    • Responding to ongoing questions pertaining to all aspects of employment / labor law (wages, benefits, pension, social security and more); preparing legal opinions and drafting workplace handbooks and policies to suit the needs of every enterprise/organization (for example, digitization, privacy, presence at work, employment people with disabilities, using vacation days and more).
    • Drafting employment agreements suited to various positions, each to its specific requirements, termination of employment agreements, consulting agreements, loan agreements, special compensation agreements including option and share based compensation, pension arrangements and more.
    • Representing clients in all types of labor law legal proceedings, at all court stances – labor law tribunals throughout the country, supreme court and civil court stances – as well as semi-legal stances, such as disciplinary tribunals, arbitrations, parity committees, enforcement bodies within the Ministry of Economics and supervisory bodies (for example, the Supervisor of Women’s Employment) and more.
    • Assisting in the management of crises situations vis-à-vis an individual or small group of employees (for example, complaints of sexual or other harassment at the workplace etc.) as well as collective employment crises situations (for example, initial union grouping, collective bargaining agreements etc.)
    • Assisting, counseling and representing in disputes involving collective bargaining agreements, including negotiating and drafting collective bargaining agreements.
    • Assisting, counseling and drafting all relevant documents required and necessary as part of merger and acquisition transactions, as well as in major structural changes of a corporation or organization.
    • Providing appropriate response to complex work methods: engagements with service companies, human resources companies, employment of foreign works, work visas etc.

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