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    Our Services

    Tenders law


    We provide legal counselling and ongoing advice in processes of public tenders, regardless of the industry or sector. We advise both, entrepreneurs participating and bidding in public tenders, as well as the bodies issuing the tenders. We advise on the choice of the suitable competitive process for the engagement, the examination of meeting the conditions for an exemption from the tender process, forming and drafting the tender documents, answering and drafting clarification questions, and generally providing ongoing services of public tender committees in the process of examining the selecting the winning bid.

    Clients submitting or contemplating participation in public tenders come to us for legal services at different stages of the public tender process. Our services include: advising on the preliminary stages, including regarding the ability to influence the content of the public tender or the contractual engagement, assistance in forming ventures that include a public tender process, advising during the clarification questions stage of the tender, examination of the tender documents and advising on meeting the threshold conditions and other tender terms, as well as challenging or defending tender processes and their results. We will challenge a winning bid or defend it as well as petition for the cancellation of a public tender altogether. We represent clients in appeals before tender committees as well as in related legal proceedings before all court instances. We will advise on the legality of a public tender as well as the application of the most updated public tender regulations, which change frequently.

    We specialize in a host of different types of public tenders, including international public tenders, BOTs, PFIs, infrastructure related tenders, tenders issued by quasi-governmental bodies and local authorities and municipalities. We represent the issuers of public tenders, bidders and consortiums of bidders, as well as financing bodies of tenders, as the case may be.

    We have vast experience in representing clients in complex litigation cases involving public tenders, where we are able to implement our years’ long understanding of public bodies, public systems, the web of interests involved, as well as being able to provide creative and practical solutions to complex situations.

    Leading Partners

    Yuval Gal-On

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    Boaz Edelstein

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