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    Our Team

    Boaz Edelstein

    Adv. Boaz Edelstein is a senior partner in the Commercial and Real Estate Litigation Department in Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co.

    Adv. Edelstein has decades of experience in complex litigation cases, specifically, litigation in the legal domains of commercial law, real estate, property rights, corporate law, contract law, banking, administrative law, inheritance and succession law, white collar crime and more.

    Boaz possesses extensive, in-depth and up-to-date legal knowledge in a myriad of legal disciplines, and combined with his broad understanding of the financial, legal and interdisciplinary aspects of his practice, he is able to provide the firm’s clients in the resolution of disputes that arise from their daily operations and frequently, to prevent their escalation into full-fledged court cases. Boaz is a focal point within the firm, often advising other departments in the firm.

    In addition to his role within the firm, Adv. Edelstein is often appointed as a mediator, arbitrator and court appointed position holder.

    Boaz attributes the highest significance to being up-to-date on all legal developments, case law, legislation and legal literature. With his curiosity and in-depth acquaintance with both the legal and business worlds, he benefits from a vast and broad theoretical and academic knowledge alongside his expertise in the practicalities of litigation management and court appearances.

    His style is characteristically literary, in both his oral and written arguments. In his arguments, Boaz frequently refers to various sources, legal and literary, which in his view, help convey and simplify the arguments. These tools provide Boaz a special ability to employ effective persuasion techniques in negotiations, court appearances and arbitration proceedings. In his experience, these techniques aid in the quest for the truth even in the most complex matters.

    Adv. Edelstein is renowned for his excellent relationship with his clients. Boaz empathizes with his clients in their times of need and times of success and handles the legal cases he oversees with his unique personal touch.

    The passion and great appreciation Boaz has for the legal profession, a profession he shares with his late father, manifests itself in his desire to assist and improve his clients’ circumstances. At the same time, he addresses the court and his colleagues with the utmost respect and, it is his dedication and loyalty that cause his clients to view him as their trusted legal advisor beyond their professional and business matters.

    His early days in the profession were spent as a legal intern, associate and later a partner, with the law firm of the late Dr. J. Weinroth & Co., where he practiced civil and criminal litigation. In 2007, Adv. Edelstein joined his close friends as a partner in the law firm of Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein, Avigad & Co., which had recently merged into Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co.

    Adv. Edelstein represents various clients from different sectors, e.g., real property project initiators, contractors, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, telecom and media companies, business owners, private clients and more.

    Some recent cases in which Adv. Edelstein represented:

    • A real property dispute in which a transaction dated back to 1974 and lacking a written agreement was upheld – C.A. 7689/18 Hachmian Azat Eleah and 16 et al. vs. Neriman Cohanim (Nevo, December 27, 2020);
    • A dispute over the control of Globes newspaper – C.A. 2954/17 David Davidovich vs. Ronen Matry and Eyal Rosovsky (Nevo, May 15, 2017);
    • Representation of a creditor in the Eliezer Fishman bankruptcy case – BR (District TA) 3642-08-16 Eliezer Fishman vs. the Official Receiver (Nevo, August 17, 2020);
    • Representation in a business dispute concerning investments in Eastern Europe – C.A. 7213/15 Engel Resources and Development Ltd. vs. Azorim Holdings Eastern Europe Ltd. (Nevo, June 8, 2016);
    • Representation in a dispute concerning a Lichtenstein investment fund – C.C. (District TA) 35992-04-15 Shraga Nof Lendshpet vs. Executor of the Estate of the late Rosa Lendshpet (Nevo, October 13, 2020);
    • Representation in a dispute concerning exclusive distribution rights of ‘Michelin’ Tires in Israel – C.A. 7814/11 Asher Distribution of Tires Company Ltd. vs. Ko-Gol Unitrade Ltd. (Nevo, September 16, 2013).

    Boaz is a lieutenant colonel in reserves, and served in the challenging position of commander of a unit handling deceased soldiers. Boaz is consistent in his learning a daily ‘Gmara’ page and is an avid cook.

    Under his belt are many legal publications, including:

    • A book on Banking Law (jointly with Prof. Avraham Weintroth), Conditioning a Service with a Service by a Banking Corporation (2000).
    • An article: The responsibility of a lender bank towards purchasers of residential units and land owners, Hapraklit Journal, Published by the Israel Bar, volume 48, 68.
    • Payment of National Insurance fees on account of excess expenses, Taxes Journal, 9-4, A-19.
    • Payment of a forfeit as a consideration in the appointment for office of director in a banking corporation, Banking Quarterly, 34, 46.
    • Time lapse as a factor in computing the consideration in a real property combination agreement, Taxes Journal 13 (1) A-31.


    A member of the Israel Bar Association since 1995.


    • B. from the Bar Ilan University, 1994.
    • M from the Tel Aviv University, cum laude, 2020.
    • Graduate of a Mediation Course by the Legal Art Institute by the Tel Aviv University, 2019.
    • Graduate of various advanced legal study courses by the Israel Bar Association.


    • Hebrew and English.