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    Our Services

    Local Government


    Our local government department ongoing advises clients that are local authorities and municipalities as well as those operating vis-à-vis these bodies. We provide a comprehensive envelope of services that address all of the activities of local government bodies, including in connection with complex economic matters.

    Our years of experience in handling planning, building and zoning matters, environmental and municipal taxation, alongside our successes that received public recognition and publicity in connection with public tender laws and other related administrative law matters, enable our local government department to provide practical and implementable solutions to complex matters interfacing with the field of local government.

    Our department’s work is characterized by advisory services we provide to local authorities and municipalities in their ongoing activities – initiation of plans, management of public tenders and the like. We represent local government bodies in contentious processes – objections, appeals, petitions and naturally, we also represent clients in such contentious process vis-à-vis local government bodies.

    We have a proven track record of significant achievements in representing local authorities and municipalities, including – Givatayim, Shoham, Zichron Yaakov, Kiryat Shmona, Zafed, Eilat, Kfar Kassem, Hurfeish, Upper Galilee Regional Council and more.

    At the same time, we also represent entrepreneurs and corporations in their dealings with local government bodies, including in complex administrative litigation, as a means to reaching their desired results.

    We possess inherent in-depth understanding the complexities and intricacies of the local government bodies involved and the professional considerations underlying their actions. We always have our finger on the pulse, keeping ourselves fully updated on the ever-changing legislation, regulations, orders, ministerial circulars and various bylaws. The services we provide span across a vast array of matters, residence, employment, trade, conservation, transportation, education, culture and more, and are highly comprehensive and multi-dimensional.

    As part of our services we assist local government bodies and/or local planning committees in forming their position on legislative proposals and regulatory changes. In addition, we closely accompany economic initiatives of local authorities and municipalities. We provide in-depth legal opinions on complex administrative matters, and are experts in local government relationships with central government. Under our name are numerous groundbreaking legal achievements and legal precedents, of which we are very proud.

    Over the years we have represented numerous clients, and below are a handful of examples of our representation:

    • Representation of the Givatayim Municipality in its daily operations and activities, including in relation to expropriations, development and initiation agreements, coordinating work teams that include various advisors such as architects and appraisers.
    • Representation of the Zichron Yaakov Local Council in a series of legal proceedings against a private entity, a religious NGO, in connection with a plan applicable to a plot in the center of the old town, and which threatened to change the entire character of the town.
    • Representation of the Shoham Local Council and its Economic Development Company in their ongoing activities for the past 20 years. This includes representation in petitions to the High Court of Justice, administrative appeals before the Supreme Court, civil legal proceedings, administrative petitions, legal opinions and more.

    Leading Partners

    Yuval Gal-On

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    Dan Or

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    Salam Hamed

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