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    Antitrust and Competition

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    "What I really appreciate about the teams of Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co. is that they excel in the way they deliver their services. They have a great way of understanding their clients’ business needs in a very short time and providing the client with excellent competition and antitrust advice."

    Legal 500, 2024 Edition

    "One of the team’s unique strengths is how well they know their way around the system and how it works; this, alongside their evident in-depth proficiency with competition law, allows them to “speak the same language” as the ICA and achieve swift results."

    Legal 500, 2024 Edition

    As the business landscape continues to evolve, so do the challenges and opportunities presented by antitrust and competition law and regulation. At APM & Co., we understand the intricacies of antitrust and competition law, its impact in today’s global economy, and how best to safeguard our clients’ interests.

    Who we represent

    Our dedicated team specialises in providing comprehensive legal solutions to clients facing complex antitrust and competition issues, and assist clients to navigate antitrust regulation and achieve their business objectives. Our department supports an extensive array of established companies, both local and international, across a variety of industries, including retail, food, real estate, energy, transportation, and others. Additionally, the department assists professional associations.

    What we do

    • Antitrust compliance: assisting in the development and implementation of effective compliance programmers and providing day-to-day advice to ensure that clients operate within the boundaries of antitrust law.
    • Merger control: offering comprehensive guidance to clients involved in mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and other business agreements including representation before the Israeli regulator in the merger notification process.
    • Competition litigation: representing clients in complex civil and criminal proceedings and disputes arising from alleged anticompetitive practices.
    • Food law: Our team has a particular expertise in the Law Advancing Competition in the Food Sector (known as the Food Law). We are assisting retailers and suppliers in the implementation of the Food Law’s requirements in their day-to-day business and giving guidance and ongoing counsel on compliance with the Food Law regulation.
    • Israeli Competition Authority and the Competition Tribunal: representing clients before the Israel Competition Authority (ICA) and Competition Tribunal in monetary sanction hearings, applications for approval of restrictive arrangements and appeals on merger decisions.

    Our recent experience includes:

    • Representing one of Israel’s largest retail chains on the launch of its new food chain in Israel.
    • Representing a 2 billion NIS value company in front of the ICA in a merger approval of a new consumers’ club.
    • Advising a 6.8B NIS value international company in launching their new cloud services in Israel.
    • Representing a 2B NIS value company in a merger to acquire a well-known sportswear chain.

    Why choose us?

    Our close understanding of the Israeli regulator. Our team have all worked at the competition regulator with our head of Antitrust and Competition law Adv. Dana Tirangel Lipka having spent over ten years at the Israeli Competition Authority (ICA). She has a deep understanding of how the regulator operates and has acted for the ICA on both contentious and non-contentious matters.

    Our specialised knowledge in different sectors. Our team has worked on antitrust and competition matters in the fields of banking, retail, food & beverage, energy and real estate handling cases involving the largest companies in Israel. Our head of Competition and Antitrust Adv. Dana Tirangel Lipka, served as a team member in the ICA banking team, and as the head of both the energy & infrastructure team and the food & retail team during her time at the ICA.

    For further information or to discuss your business in confidence, please reach out to our lawyers below.

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