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    The new generation of incubators: Preparation for foreign development centers or a growth field of mature companies?

    July 2, 2015

    The incubators program which administrated by the Chief Scientist attracted investors and about to select new incubators in July.The substantial reform in the Incubators program (2011), was designed to change the long-standing negative image of the program as complicated and ungainly, which made the companies, and venture capitalists reluctant of it. Since the reform, many significant companies and entities won the tender process to operate an Incubator. On July 15, another competitive tender process to operate Incubators in the Districts of Haifa, Acre and the Golan Heights will proceed. The contenders are hoping to leverage cheap government money and a relatively small investment on their side in favor of a quick “Exit” or a handsome return on their investment.

    Ayelet Torem, a partner in the firm’s High Tech and Venture Capital department who specializes in the formation and representing venture capital firms and private equity funds accompanied, inter alia, the establishment of the “TerraLab” incubator by Terra Ventures and “The Kitchen” Incubator by Strauss. Refers  in “TheMarker”, on the benefits of the Incubator  program: “The franchisor of the Incubator and the state both have the same interest – the state wants to encourage high-risk and R & D companies that have  difficulties to recruit funding outside the incubator and without state funding, so when the developer and franchisee work correctly –it’s for everyone’s benefit.

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