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    "The team exhibited true expertise in Intellectual property law, and more specifically the application of the rules concerning trademark and copyright infringement that provided a significant edge. Furthermore, the team provide interdisciplinary know-how in various relevant fields which allowed it to provide a comprehensive answer to all aspects of the case."

    Legal 500, 2022 Edition

    Intellectual Property Law deals with matters of ownership, commercialization and return on intangible assets, which are the result of a person’s creativity, ingenuity, innovation and reputation, and grants the owner of an IP right a legal monopoly on the use and benefit derived from it.

    In modern economy, IP accounts for a significant part of the value of products and business assets. IP assets are of strategic importance to commercial companies, in both the Hi-Tech sector and traditional industries, as well as in the entertainment and content industry. They are considered one of the pillars of Israeli economy. Therefore, IP assets must be adequately protected through a careful registration strategy and, when necessary, enforcement and litigation.

    APM IP practice group offers special expertise in Intellectual Property Law, and vast experience in all aspects of protection, prosecution, enforcement and exploitation of IP rights. We handle all types of IP rights: Patents; Trademarks; Copyrights; designs; trade secrets; and more.

    Our professionals combine a thorough understanding of IP Law with an excellent approach to scientific and technological matters. These advantages give us the ability to get an in-depth understanding of our clients’ technology, and thus the insight necessary to assist in laying out a company’s Intellectual Property protection strategy, negotiate commercial contracts and strategic transactions, that meets its commercial goals.

    Our IP practice group provides counseling and representation to companies and individuals in matters of IP protection and enforcement, commercialization, registration and prosecution, and advises companies of all stages in creating a suitable IP strategy; all from a business oriented approach.

    We realize that a Hi-Tech company is based on its technology, and therefore its value is derived from its IP. Working closely with APM’s Hi-Tech and Venture Capital department, we offer technology based companies with comprehensive IP legal services suitable to each and every stage of their activity, in order to meet their full technological and commercial potential.

    We can advise you as to the type of IP rights relevant to your innovative initiative, as to the available means to protect it and as to the recommended procedure and time to seek protection thereof; all the while keeping an eye on your available resources and commercial potential. Thus, we can create the IP protections strategy best suited for your business.

    We advise startup companies of all stages on how to best use their limited resources to gain the best protection of their IP, and believe that carefully devised strategic planning may allow them at a very low initial cost – to avoid sever mistakes which may be very difficult and expensive to correct at a later stage. We further advise companies in directing their R&D activities to facilitate better IP protection, and in later stages assist in commercialization of IP assets, capital raising and eventually the exit stage.

    We handle IP transactions, including licensing contracts, and international marketing and distribution contracts for branded products, as well as investment and M&A transactions in IP based companies.

    We further provide special IP services to Hi-Tech Investors, such as Intellectual Property assessment and due-diligence examination in the course of such transactions.

    Our IP Litigation team is highly experienced in all types of IP infringement cases, and will assist in defending your rights against infringers or claims of infringement. APM’s IP litigation team has special expertise in disputes concerning ownership of various IP rights, arising between business competitors, in the course of employer-employee relations, or in the dissolution of partnerships, and other IP based corporations.

    We have handled such matters tried before all competent Israeli instances, as well as in cross-border and multijurisdictional conflicts while working closely with our colleagues in various countries, to protect our clients’ IP rights.

    Whatever your needs are in the field of Intellectual Property, APM will provide you with sound advice and high quality protection of your rights.

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