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    Our Team

    David Kishony

    T: +972-3-5689000 | E:

    David Kishony is an Innovation and Value Creation advisor at Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co.

    David advises start-ups, investment funds as well as local and international corporations in adding value to their business and innovative operations and activities.

    David has years of experience working in the Israeli capital market, as well in the global financial markets after having held various positions in Israeli and foreign investment bodies, as well as having served as an innovation advisor on open banking to foreign banks in Israel.

    In his most recent role, prior to joining our firm, David served as a technology scout operating vis-à-vis diverse innovation teams in international corporations and organizations, scouting for Israeli innovation.

    David has in-depth acquaintance with technology companies and a broad range of investors in both, the Israeli and global markets. Leveraging his vast network, David assists in fund raising initiatives and financing solutions, working closely with the entrepreneurs, fund managers, a large base of local and international investors, qualified and institutional investors, family offices, corporate venture and investment arms and leading global stock exchanges.

    Based on his years’ long experience, David has developed a keen eye for identifying opportunities and growing them into flourishing business ventures.

    As part of his role in the firm’s Global Markets practice, David leads a diverse range of local and global activities, using his extensive network within the business sphere in the fields of hi-tech, venture capital, real estate, infrastructure, finances and more. The focus of David’s activities is to create value based on such great understanding of the ins and outs of the business and finance worlds. David maps out and connects the dots in this vast realm of creating value for the firm’s clients.


    • Investment marketing license from the Israeli Securities Authority (Non-active), 2011.
    • Investment marketing license from the Israeli Securities Authority (Non-active), 2013.


    • B.A in Business Administration and International Relations from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 2009.
    • Graduate of the IDC beyond Entrepreneurship Program, Reichman University, Herzliya, 2017.


    • Hebrew and English.