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    Media Center / Legal Updates

    Increase of Cyber Threats

    March 2, 2022

    On Monday (February 28, 2022), Checkpoint, reported that in light of the war between Ukraine and Russia, there has been a significant increase in cyber-attack attempts through the Ukrainian computers.

    Check Point’s report further states that although most of the attacks are carried out against state and military targets, it is expected to have opportunistic “fishing” attacks that can harm even those who want to express their support for Ukraine, with an emphasis on e-mail phishing attacks in Slavic countries.

    Further, the Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO), a global multilateral organization that aims to increase social prosperity by accelerating the growth of the digital economy, also demonstrated its efforts to prevent cyberattacks during these days. The organization has issued a statement calling on all technological companies to cooperate with government institutions in order to increase privacy protection and improve data security conditions and thus ensure that the usage is secure and monitored according to the knowledge and approval of users. Their purpose is to prevent the misuse of personal data of users around the world and to help all users protect their data more broadly.

    Due to the above, and as many of our clients use developing services from Ukraine personnel and offices, we recommend the following:

    • “fishing” attacks: please be careful and pay attention to the warning signs; Check the URL by placing the mouse on the link you want to open without clicking to open it, make sure it is not an email with a fictitious title (emails from the Israel Post, credit companies, banks and more(. Pay attention to suspicious details – logo that does not look right, suspicious link, inferior language, etc.
    • If you use development or programming teams operating in the Ukraine, make sure that the access and permissions of those service providers are limited and protected at least by VPN or 2FA in consider to Apply measurements like encrypting the Ukraine laptops’ ,monitor carefully the communication traffic from Ukraine in the Security products (e.g. EDR, FW)

    If you have any questions or required clarifications, our privacy-cyber team including CISO and cyber experts, will be happy to assist.