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    Do the Water and Sewage Corporations have the Authority to Impose Charges on Wastewater Treatment Plants?

    October 21, 2013

    Adv. Amir Fish, an associate in our firm’s Environmental department, explains why the Water and Sewage Corporations Regulations 2011, which are meant to reduce the payments paid by factories to reflect the real cost of the wastewater treatment plants, are actually too broad, turning the fee into a punitive fine.

    According to Adv. Fish, “the main problem is that the rules, which are meant to link the cost of handling the waste to the fee paid by the plant, have actually turned into a punitive mechanism which imposes a heavy fine at a rate that has no real connection- and often even no connection at all- to the quality of the wastewater and the ‘penalty’ which is charged for their treatment”.


    For the full article in “Water Engineering”- the Israeli Water Magazine click here (volume 88, p. 30-31)