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    Our Services

    Innovation as a Service


    “Specific expertise with the US, as well as local government grant programs for start-ups.”

    Client testimonial, The Legal 500, 2023 Edition

    “Extremely professional. Understand the deal and the economics behind the deal.”

    Client testimonial, The Legal 500, 2022 Edition

    What we do

    We apply tech innovation as a way to revolutionise how our clients do business. Our role goes beyond legal advice to:

    • Assisting companies to map out their innovation needs.
    • Devising the programmes which are tailored to that company’s particular objectives.
    • Introducing our clients to the best partners in the ecosystem to deliver on those goals.

    For one client we may begin with a centre of excellence or an accelerator programme. For another we may incorporate a venture capital arm.

    Every company on its evolving tech innovation journey has a different DNA so we work flexibly to support our clients and position them in the optimum place within the innovation ecosystem.

    Who we represent

    Our experience ranges from helping the biggest global tech companies to launch open innovation labs to working with traditional industries such as food, construction or finance, where technology is not inherent and where they are seeking to remodel their business.

    Our experience includes advising:

    • Technology accelerators
    • Technology incubators
    • Open innovation labs
    • CVC (Corporate venture capital) funds
    • Investors seeking directly to invest in start-ups
    • Partners looking for a strategic collaboration with start ups
    • Partners looking to work with the Israel Innovation Authority to benefit from their programmes and funding of innovation

    Our clients include Citibank, IBM, Medtronic, KYOCERA-AVX, The Nielsen Group, Renault, IFF, Mastercard and Enel.

    As well as assisting companies to remodel their business towards efficiencies and greater productivity, our tech innovation practice helps clients find strategic or investable opportunities to develop new revenue sources from the growth in emerging companies.

    Why choose us?

    A track record of success. We have over two decades of experience assisting start-ups, scale-ups, multinationals, venture capital arms and government agencies to invest and develop tech innovation.

    A modular approach to delivering on your innovation objectives.  We offer a flexible service suited to the strategy of a particular client and will tailor the programmes we develop to the aims of executive and strategy boards.

    Recognition of our team by independent research. We are regarded as one of the leading teams in Israel for high-tech and venture capital work by The Legal 500.

    For further information or to discuss your business in confidence, please reach out to please reach out to our lawyers below.


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