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    An administrative petition against the Herzliya Municipality and the District Planning and Building Committee, claiming extreme and unreasonable foot-dragging

    April 24, 2018

    Adv. Galit Shitzer, a partner in the real estate department and Adv. Asaf Oren of the Litigation Department filed a petition on behalf of the Association for the Advancement of Planning and Development of the Tekhelet Beach in Herzliya, in the framework of which they petitioned to expedite the planning process of Plan 2200 A,  on the largest land reserves of the city of Herzliya, which stretches from south of the Acadia Hotel to the Tel Aviv Country Club junction, where planning procedures have been stuck for more than 45 years. Adv. Shitzer and Adv. Asaf claim that the planning institutions – the Herzliya Local Committee and the Central District Committee, whose approval was needed for the plan- could not bring the plan to execution . The petition further argued that the continuation of the planning proceedings in this case is so extreme, exceptional and outrageous that there is no alternative but to file a petition to the court in order to remove the planning cart from the mud.

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